Heather Locklear Plastic Surgery

Heather Locklear Plastic Surgery – The Face Lift That One Craves For Is Here

Heather Locklear Plastic Surgery Before And After Heather Locklear Plastic Surgery

Born on 25th September 1961, Heather Locklear is an American actress famous for her roles as Sammy Jo Carrington on Dynasty and many others in various television serials. She seems to be have made the time stand still with her age defying looks at the age of 52 even.  Heather Locklear plastic surgery came all the more in the news as her current boyfriend happens to be a plastic surgeon.  [Read more...]

Halle Berry Plastic Surgery

Halle Berry Plastic Surgery – Well Not Always Going Under The Knife Is Harmful

Halle Berry Plastic Surgery Before And After Halle Berry Plastic Surgery

Born on 14th August 1966, Halle Berry is an American actress and also a former fashion model. She has won the academy award for best actress for her role in ‘Monster’s Ball’. With this she became the first and only African-American descent to have won an Oscar. One of the highest paid actress in Hollywood, she is also involved in production of various films.  [Read more...]

Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery

Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery – The Unnatural Way To Get Natural Again

Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery Before And After Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery

Born of February 12 1980,Christina Ricci is an American actress who shot to up as a child star and gained initial recognition as Katie in Mermaids in 1990. She made a transition into more adult-oriented films with her role in The Ice Storm. She is one of those actresses who stars in the weirdest or rather oddest of films but still manages to pull it off so well. She is a fabulous actress indeed. She wanted to keep her looks and that is probably the reason why Christina Ricci plastic surgery rumours spread like wild fire. [Read more...]

Charisma Carpenter Plastic Surgery

Charisma Carpenter Plastic Surgery – Did Not Change Her Much But Made Her Look Sexy

Charisma Carpenter Plastic Surgery Before And After Charisma Carpenter Plastic Surgery

Celebrities cannot hide anything from the public. They have to agree some secrets as their life is like an open book for the fans. Her work in Buffy TV and Angel has got her celebrity status. She has played different roles in many shows making her more popular among the folks. She is observed as a role model and also as an actress. She had shown interest in getting under knife if necessary. [Read more...]

Christa Miller Plastic Surgery

Christa Miller Plastic Surgery – The Beautiful Looks Regain With Cute Nose And Breasts

Christa Miller Plastic Surgery Before And After Christa Miller Plastic Surgery

Christa Miller, an American actress, was born in Manhattan on May 28, 1964 and has many celebrity relatives. She achieved lot of success in her television comedy. Her latest images which were distributed online showed huge transformations leading to rumours that she underwent a plastic surgery. [Read more...]

Bob Costas Plastic Surgery

Bob Costas Plastic Surgery – Does Not Reveal More Secrets But Gives Slight Changes

Bob Costas Plastic Surgery Before And After Bob Costas Plastic Surgery

Bob Costas was a sports caster with good reputation and was popular. He was very handsome and had many fans. As he turned old he had to undergo some treatment to make him look fit for the camera. Bob Costas plastic surgery was to get some Botox injections to his face and a facelift. [Read more...]