Linda Evans Plastic Surgery

Linda Evans Plastic Surgery – The Renowned Star Is Still Beautiful In Her Seventies

Linda Evans Plastic Surgery Before And After Linda Evans Plastic Surgery

Many people want to know the truth about Linda Evans plastic surgery. The actress is celeb for her starring in Dynasty in 1980s. This film was one of the most watched in the world. She moved in Hollywood when she was three with her parents who were professional dancers. She got her first role in the 1960s as Audrey Barkley in the television series The Big Valley. The actress is now living on a large parcel of land in Washington State. She is not acting anymore but instead cooking. She wrote recently a cookbook with the title: Recipes for Life. [Read more...]

Kim Delaney Plastic Surgery

Kim Delaney Plastic Surgery – The American Actress Still Appears Beautiful And Hot

Kim Delaney Plastic Surgery Before And After Kim Delaney Plastic Surgery

Kim Delaney is celeb for her television role as Detective Diane Russell on NYPD Blue. Her role as Jenny Gardner in All My Children on ABC made her also celeb. He had a leading role more recently with the lifetime network drama Army Wives. The actress played also some roles in movies such as Some Kind of Wonderful and Delta Force. [Read more...]

Kim Basinger Plastic Surgery

Kim Basinger Plastic Surgery – How Graceful Is The Aging Of The Hot Famous Sex Symbol

Kim Basinger Plastic Surgery Before And After Kim Basinger Plastic Surgery

The speculations about Kim Basinger plastic surgery are as old as her recognition in Hollywood as a sex symbol. It is not a new thing for a Hollywood star to face rumors about cosmetic procedures and Kim Basinger is not an exception. Many fans and celebrity watchers said that she received a help from outside in order to stay beautiful. The main rumor that hit the actress about cosmetic procedures is that she had a facelift. The star herself never confirmed or denied to undergo such procedures. [Read more...]

Keira Knightley Plastic Surgery

Keira Knightley Plastic Surgery – The Woman Looks A Little Bit Different On Her Face

Keira Knightley Plastic Surgery Before And After Keira Knightley Plastic Surgery

It is difficult to give an evidence of Keira Knightley plastic surgery. According to her before and after pictures, the young actress appeared a little different. A close look shows that the plastic surgery decreased subtly the bridge and tip size of her nose. It is not easy to notice it without a trained eye. The tip of her nose looks more refined and smaller in her recent pictures. The plastic surgeon did an excellent job to make the change subtle. This woman is already one of Hollywood’s brightest stars. She made numerous appearances in many movies from Indie hits to period pieces to major blockbusters. There is often one question that many watchers ask each time Keira Knightley stars in a movie. They wonder whether her large luscious lips are the result of a lip augmentation or natural. [Read more...]

Katey Sagal Plastic Surgery

Katey Sagal Plastic Surgery – The American Hottest Grandma Looks Pretty In Her Body

Katey Sagal Plastic Surgery Before And After Katey Sagal Plastic Surgery

No one can reject the fate of being old. This is why there are many speculations about Katey Sagal plastic surgery. Born in California on January 19, 1954, the actress has two daughters and one son from three times marriage. [Read more...]

Kate Beckinsale Plastic Surgery

Kate Beckinsale Plastic Surgery – The English Actress With A Prolific Movie Career

Kate Beckinsale Plastic Surgery Before And After Kate Beckinsale Plastic Surgery

Kate Beckinsale may find its root in her teenage hood. At fifteen years old, the actress developed anorexia from a nervous breakdown and underwent Freudian Psychoanalysis for four years. She is a talented woman who won many awards in her life. As a child, she won twice, for both poetry and fiction, the WH Smith Young Writers Award. [Read more...]